eWON Brand guidelines

eWON is the brand under HMS which we promote our remote management solutions. eWON is a registered trademark. This page is designed to give a quick access to major eWON guidelines. If you need more detailed info or tips when communicating on behalf of HMS Industrial Networks of eWON, please refer to "The HMS Communication Guidelines" or the "eWON Brand Guidelines" documents.

As a representative of eWON, you communicate all the time. Everything we do adds up to create our product brand. Consequently, it is very important that we are coherent in our communication to create a unified picture.

Happy communicating!

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The colors

The main eWON colors are dark blue  and white

eWON  dark blue - used for general eWON brand communication

Orange - used for communication on eWON Cosy

Light blue - used for communication around Flexy

Purple - used for communication around Netbiter

Grey - used for communication about the connectivity tools (Talk2M and eFive)

Advertisement layout

4 important elements:

1. The column with eWON logo on the top. The color of the column depends on the focus of the advertisement.  This column is on top of all the other layers.

2. The speech bubble with the slogan: can of course be in your local language. Must be same color as the column.

3. The background image in black & white (grayscale) - can be either one of the current campaign or one in line with the advertisement target

4. The HMS logo is placed according to the size of the ads. For small banners, the HMS logo (shortened & inverted) is added in the column, bottom right. For bigger ads, the HMS logo (regular) appears at the bottom right of the ads.

In practice

The distance of the column from the left side of the page is equal to the blue oval of the logo

The height of eWON logo equals the size of the "e"

The size of the column is variable according to the size of the document & the space needed (see examples)

The URL is justified to the width of the column (can be any of eWON international websites)

The slogan in the speech bubble is centered vertically and horizontally. The speech bubble is the only place we use font Futura Std Bold

The inverted HMS logo without its tagline "Connecting Devices" in the column can only be used in those specific cases.


Century Gothic (Bold or Regular) - the rest of eWON communication.

Futura Std Bold - used ONLY in the speech bubble


Logotype don'ts

The column is one of the main personality of the eWON communication. When column is used, the ® symbol should not be visible next to the logo.

When eWON logo is used without column, the ® symbol should be included.


Download eWON logo - POSITIVEDownload eWON logo - NEGATIVE

Use of the ® with the eWON logo

To make sure our logotype appears as conistently as possible throughout our communication, we've inditified a few ways we don't want our logotype to appear.


Download HMS logo - POSITIVEDownload HMS logo - NEGATIVE